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Stable paymentsand complete security of your deposits

Progress Invest company generates to partners guaranteed income 24 hours per day. We receive investments from individuals and transfer it under microcredit companies’ management, which operate it through their own network of exchange service.

  • User account with 24/7 support
  • Formal contract with the investor
  • Simple and transparent conditions of investments with high financial returns
  • Growth of capital within the minimum of time

Investment plans

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Calculator calculation of earnings

Using our calculator, you can easily calculate your profit in the company. Use different settings of the calculator when choosing a tariff plan, the amount of investment, and also take into account the period of calculation of profit.
The minimum investment amount is 10000 rubles.
The term of the investment contract is 360 days.
Choose a plan
  • Light
  • Loyal
  • Optimal
  • Premium

Contribution amount, rub

Enter the amount from 5 000 to 1 000 000 rubles

Term of investment

months Enter from 1 to 12 months

Interest period

Every 15 days
In a day
174.00 rub
Per month
5220.00 rub
For the whole period
62640.00 rub

How it works

Partner of the company
Progress Invest, LLC
Microcredit company (ICC)
Exchange offices (IWC)
Customers of the exchange office (ICC)
  1. The partner of the company "Progress invest" to invest personal funds by choosing the investment plan and agreement on joint activities.
  2. The Partner's funds are transferred to the Microcredit Company in the fulfillment of the obligations under the investment loan agreement signed earlier by Progress Invest.
  3. The microcredit company transfers funds to its own exchange offices, where they are used as working capital in exchange transactions.
  4. Clients of exchange offices make exchange operations with cryptocurrencies.
  5. Revenues from the completed exchange operations are transferred to the accounts of Microcredit companies.
  6. The stipulated interest under the investment loan agreement is transferred from the accounts of Microcredit companies to the account of the company Progress Invest.
  7. The partner of progress invest company receives a percentage of the amount of contributions actually paid by Him for the fulfillment of obligations under the investment loan agreement, according to the chosen investment plan.

Why exactly us

  1. Portfolio Diversification

    Our company cooperates with a number of Microcredit companies to exclude financial risks.

  2. Increase in profit

    The opportunity to increase your profits by using several sources of income.

  3. Accounting and Auditing

    Accounting department of the company Progress Invest, responsibly supervises the entire process of participation in the project.

  4. Break-even exit

    A variety of tariff plans give an opportunity to go into payback after only 3 months.

  5. Reliable cooperation

    Cash is constantly in our management. In this regard, the risk of not making a profit is excluded. You can only enjoy the profit.

  6. Contractual relationship

    All partner relations with the company are fixed by official contracts.

  7. Your profit

    The income in the field of microfinance is not limited. Everything depends on your desire and decision.

Than we differ from competitors

Microcredit companies not only issue loans to individuals, but also exchange them in their own exchange offices.
All the activities of the company can be checked at any time. To do this, you can come to the office Progress Invest and see for yourself.
In the business idea there are absolutely no tricky schemes and questionable operations. For you, your money is exchanged for microcredit companies that are listed in the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and have the right to conduct such activities.

News and events


  • 14
    Amendments to the legislation of the Russian Federation

    Since 2015, the Russian Federation has amended the Federal Law on Microfinance Activities according to which the amount of direct investment from individuals and organizations in the Microfinance Organization can not be less than 1500000 rubles. It is no secret that the yield offered Microfinancial organizations to their investors at times exceed the yield of traditional bank deposits and often reach up to 100% and even 200% per annum.

  • 14
    MFI sphere in Russia

    Despite the fact that the number of MFIs in Russia has significantly decreased due to the measures taken by the Central Bank to ensure the reliability of this sector, the number of Russian microfinance organizations is still the largest in the world. At present, there are 4,182 MFIs in the Russian Federation. And this despite the fact that in 2014 this market took 1300 of this kind of companies.

  • 14
    Development of MFIs in the Russian Federation

    The development of the financial sector in Russia is proceeding swiftly: in total, more than 4,000 microfinance organizations operate in Russia, and their positions on the market are only strengthening, as the Central Bank is actively combating abuse in this area, as a result only those organizations that work in the compliance with the requirements of the law and respect the interests of customers.

We accept payment

  • PerfectMoney
  • advcash
  • Payeer
  • NixMoney
  • Bank transfer