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Progress Invest, LLC has been dealing with investment projects and searching for profit-making options for investing with guaranteed returns since January 2017. In our work we used different ways for high-yield investment. As of today we have chosen one of the most potential ways of transactions with crypto — currencies usage.

Working structure

Today Progress Invest, LLC receives funds from individuals and transfers it to microcredit companies (MCC), which exchange funds for crypto-currencies.  This approach make the capital increase within the minimum of time. At the same time, all relations between participants are formalized by the contract.

One of our new products is "Break-even Investment Program", which has no analogues in the investment market. It was created in connection with global changes in legislation and the entry into force of amendments to the Federal Law "On microfinance activities and microcredit organizations". The adopted amendments restrict individuals and bar them from investing funds in microcredit organizations (IWCs) in the amount less than 1.5 million rubles.

Progress Invest, LLC offers private individuals services for co-investing with high yield which is up to 33.6% per month. The program is targeted for individuals who live in Russia and CIS countries, and in the near future the company plans to enter Europe and India markets.

Competitive advantages of cooperation with Progress Invest, LLC

It is worth pointing out that as opposed to other MC companies that accept money from legal entities and disburse short-term interest loans to individuals, Progress Invest, LLC offers formal and unique mechanism with high marginality. Our partner MC companies allocate funds received from Progress Invest, LLC in its own crypto currency exchange points.

During exchange transactions a significant residual profit is formed without any risks, as the company does not participate in risky trading or unsafe investment funds. Thus, Progress Invest, LLC offers an innovative and safe investment product that has no analogues on the market at the moment. You can find out more about all our investment products in the section "Investors".

We study the market and modern trends in a regular basis in order to offer fast - growing and highly profitable investment tools in a timely manner. We are officially working with proven and reliable partners. Upon that investors' funds operate 24 hours a day, generating a stably high profit. Each investor receives an official contract with the company, according to which he officially gets defined profit based on the chosen investment package.

In the near future the company plans to enter the international investment market. At the moment, there is a large-scale preparation for the merger of capitals of Progress Invest, LLC with a major Chinese partner.

Investment safety and the stable growth of our clients income is the top priority for our company.

With Progress Invest, LLC company your money will work for you 24 hours!