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Date of publication: 14.09.2017

Dear partners! Today's webinar will be held on the FINAM site live, to watch the broadcast, click on the link

To watch the live broadcast, log in to the site in any convenient way for you, using the buttons of social networks. The webinar will be held for you by Konstantin Borisovich Ryabov-Kozhushny. On the webinar, we will deal with the selection of the optimal exchange for the purchase and storage of long-term crypto currency and for trading operations.

Konstantin has extensive experience in earning money on crypto-currencies with minimal risk. He independently developed a system that allows you to earn on the purchase and sale of crypto-currency. At the same time, the risk of losing funds in such rapid transactions is minimized. You can ask Konstantin any questions on the topic of crypto-currency and get competent recommendations.

Konstantin has a higher technical education and an MBA. To date, he is the CEO of the company «3D Metamorphosis», which produces 3D holographic and ultrathin light panels for exterior and interior decoration of facades of buildings and premises. Independently launched and optimized more than 20 private productions, created a unique product and brought it to the market.