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In this section we have collected answers to all questions interested for potential and current partners of Progress Invest, LLC.

Kuzmenko Gennadiy, Director of Business Development and one of the founders of the Progress Invest company, who has in-depth knowledge of the company's work, answers the questions.

  • 1. What is the main point of Progress Investments project?

    The main objective of the Progress Investments project and basically of Progress Invest company is to provide everyone with an opportunity to invest in microcredit companies (MCC). There are several programs available for clients, which give the opportunity to become an investor in MC company in compliance with the current Russian legislation.

  • 2. How does your company earn?

    Progress Invest, LLC invests its own funds and funds received from investors in microcredit companies (MCC), which in turn exchange them through their own crypto currency exchange points, and gets profit by way of exchange transactions commissions.

  • 3. Why do you offer such high percentage figure of income?

    The company's profit is 1.5% per day from the invested amount. All profitable programs for investors were calculated by our specialists based on this amount of Progress Invest, LLC income.

  • 4. What guarantees will I get in case of investing?

    The safety of each of our investors’ deposits is confirmed and guaranteed by clear, "transparent" and reliable contractual basis provided for each transaction. Investing is performed on the basis of signed joint venture agreement and performance guarantee agreement on assignment of monetary claim.

    Also, as a guarantee of the return of the invested funds will be the investment portfolio, diversified among a number of MC companies, which excludes the significant influence of force majeure circumstances.

  • 5. Why should I entrust my money to your company?

    The functioning of Progress Invest, LLC is well - operating and strictly regulated. For each task and problem solving there are 32 persons in the company structure, assigned according to the relevant departments:

    • The lawyers’ team monitors the legislation, its changes and revises the working process, to ensure that Progress Invest, LLC every time acts according to the legislation.
    • The finance team tracks all payments, keeps under control the reporting to the regulatory bodies, and administrate all issues related to the economic functions of the organization.
    • Software and technical specialists take care of operational capability of our system in the Internet; promptly solve all issues connected with our users’ personal accounts.
    • The security service checks the reliability of the data indicated during the sign-in process, and, together with the technical specialist keeps under control the personal data safety.
  • 6. What measures do you implement to protect your site from hackers attacks?

    Our system is protected by the best available programs to repel hacker attacks, to protect against virus infiltration, and meets all personal data protection standards. All necessary technical and preventive actions are conducted in a regular basis; all e-mails are checked for the presence of malware. The working equipment is well secured – and a very limited number of people have access to it.

  • 7. Are the partners (MCC) of Progress Invest, LLC registered in the list of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation?

    Oh sure! You can find all charter documents of companies on our website. Also there are freely available all relevant contracts of our company with partners which are timely added in case of the expansion of the partnership network.

  • 8. Which agreements do you sign with your partners?

    Progress Invest, LLC concludes with each partner the following agreements:

    • Contract offer;
    • Agency agreement;
  • 9. What is the minimum amount which I can invest?

    At the moment, the minimum threshold for becoming an investor of Progress Invest LLC is 10,000 rubles, but the company reserves the right to increase the minimum entry threshold.

  • 10. What is the term of investment plans?

    All investment plans are calculated for 360 days.

  • 11. Can I learn more about your investment plans?

    Currently, our company offers 4 investment plans, which have differences in the percentage of profit accrued daily:

    1. Plan "LIGHT" - 0,65%;
    2. Plan "LOYAL" - 0,87%;
    3. Plan "OPTIMAL" - 0,99%;
    4. Plan "PREMIUM" - 1,12%.

    The highest demand among our investors is for "Loyal" and "Optimal" programs.

  • 12. Do you have a referral program?

    Progress Invest, LLC offers two referral programs which allow our investors to earn over the assumed interest on the deposit. The first one-level program is the Agency program, from which you are guaranteed to receive from 7% to 13% of interest from the amount of each contract concluded by your client under the "Break-even Investments" program.

    The second referral program is the Partnership Program. This is ten-level marketing. To participate in it, the amount of investments of your partners must exceed the bar of 100,000 rubles, which transfers you to the first level of the program. It provides a one-time bonus of 1,000 rubles and 3% per day from the partners' profits. With each level, the threshold amount of investment, a one-time bonus and the percentage of profit from involved partners increase, up to the tenth level.

  • 13. How do I register in my personal account?

    Registration in the personal account proceeds by using the referral link, which you receive from the user already registered in the system.

  • 14. How can I deposit the balance in my account?

    To deposit the balance, use the electronic wallets Payeer, Nixmoney, Perfect Money or ADVcash. Also, replenishment is possible through bank transfer or transfer of funds from a bank card. If necessary, you can print out a payment order and pay it directly at the bank office. The list of payment systems can be expanded and supplemented if investors of our company express an appropriate desire.

  • 15. When can I withdraw the profit?

    Depending on the investment plan you have chosen, we suggest the following options of profit withdrawal:

    1. Plan "LIGHT" - every day;
    2. Plan "LOYAL" - once per 15 days;
    3. Plan "OPTIMAL" - once per 30 days;
    4. Plan "PREMIUM" - once per 60 days.
  • 16. Can I use your crypto currency exchange?

    For the moment, only those company partners whose investments exceed the threshold of 100,000 rubles can use exchange service office of Progress Invest, LLC.

  • 17. Can I visit your office?

    Yes, anyone can come to our office, which is located by the address: Moskva, Partijnyj per., d. 1 korp. 57, st. 3, off. 211, - for personal communication and for getting consultation. For convenience and for spending minimum of time during the visit to our office it is highly recommended to make pre-appointment call to our manager. You can visit our office at any time, even on weekends.